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Want to stay up to speed & communicate with others in Cru? Join our Slack!

What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging app designed for businesses, which means it's more powerful and customizable than simpler messaging apps. 

Who is the Cru Boise State Slack for?

Anyone currently involved with Cru at Boise State. Those who aren't directly involved, but would still like to keep up with what's happening can follow our Instagram and Facebook page. 

Why should I join?

Slack doesn't replace our Instagram, which is for our public communication. Not everyone sees every Insta post, and not everyone is on Instagram or Facebook. This Slack workspace will include our important announcements, but more than that, it allows us to have more direct, internal communication with each other. Slack also has "channels" which allows you to post/see posts in more specific groups. Just join so you can see for yourself! 

How do I join?

1. Click this button ->

2. Follow the instructions to create an account and download the app. There is a mobile app, web version, and desktop app. 

3. Once you're in, add a profile pic, adjust your settings (like notifications), and join channels!

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